About me



Greetings!  I’m your French teacher, I’m originally from Paris, but I spent many years living in the south of France, in Montpellier.  I graduated from La Sorbonne in Paris with a degree in Education Science and Art History, and have been traveling and teaching French both in French Cultural Centers as well as in language schools and universities around the world for over 12 years.   Having developed my own teaching method and language instruction materials, I am excited about creating a tailored, personalized program for each of my students, which pays close attention to each student’s particular needs, availability, and language level.  I love meeting new students around the world, and I enjoy seeing them make progress in speaking writing and living the French language.   I look forward to meeting you, and to working with you to give you the best French experience possible.

You can reach me at:  atelierdufrancaisparis@gmail.com