Learn French in Paris in the Spring

« I love paris in the spring time
I love paris in the fall
I love paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love paris in the winter when it drizzles

I love paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I love paris, why oh why do I love paris
Because my love is here »

(Cole Porter)

If you feel like Cole Porter, then it’s time to come to Paris and start taking French lessons ! 😉
Now it’s the spring time, one of the greatest seasons here, so come join us in the city of ligths !

French lessons with a professional, native French teacher

I work with each student to develop a learning plan that will work best for him or her, and can adapt any lesson or material to the particular student’s needs.  I provide the books and the materials for each lesson plan.
At the first lesson, we will evaluate your level and needs – grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc – and then work together to devise a learning plan.
I can help to improve your accent through targeted activities, and bring the perspective of a native speaker to each lesson.  Having graduated from La Sorbonne and taught for over 12 years, I would be happy to create a personalized program to bring you to functionality or fluency in the shortest time possible.

You can reach me at:


About the lessons

Lessons are individually tailored to a student’s specific needs

I always try to adapt the best to the student’s needs.
For teaching i use my own technique, as well as several French books that I recommend.
I provide the books and all the necessary learning material for the lessons.
For the first meeting I will evaluate the student’s level and needs (it can be grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc..) and then create with him a personal and tailored program.
I can also help you to work on your French accent, and teach you French from a real native French’s perspective.

You can reach me at:



Finally start to figure out ways to master the hardest part about French language: pronunciation!

With a strong focus on recognizing certain spellings that often warrant certain sounds and the subtle differences between others, you can finally begin to feel more confident about reading aloud, listening comprehension for you and also your listener, and speaking in general.

All levels welcome as the workshop is designed to benefit beginner and intermediate students at the same time.

You can reach me at:

About the teacher


Bonjour !!

I am your French teacher, I am a native professional French teacher from Paris.

I have over 15 years experience of teaching French to students of all ages, and at every level.

I can teach individual lessons at your office, home, or nearby café. First we will meet to discuss your needs, your level, the amount of lessons that you need and the time that you have. We will create a learning program together, which we will follow to maximize your progress.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a first complimentary lesson and we will soon have you on your way to practically fluent French.

A bientot !!


You can reach me at:

Private lessons available

For Kids and Adults!


  • Individual « One-on-one » lessons are available if you aren’t interested in taking a group class or if your schedule doesn’t allow for it. You will follow the same coursework as the classes, but with lessons tailored to identify your specific weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

  • We can also tutor you as you learn the language on your own or take classes at your university or another institution.

Email me to inquire about private lessons and we can make a schedule of lessons for you according to your availabilities.



« I have an amazing French teacher!!!!!
I had always wanted to learn French but I knew that it was a difficult language and not having any particular ability to learn languages, I never dared.
I’ve been taking lessons with Thomas for a few weeks and he’s helped me gain confidence that learning French is for everyone and is also a lot of fun.
He’s very patient, professional and dedicated to the learning/teaching of French.
After our first lesson, I was already able to have a small dialogue.
Thomas also  created a personal program that exactly matches my needs and as I’m still learning the basics of French, it keeps me motivated to look at the next steps in my personal program.
I love learning French, I can’t wait to get to my lessons every week.
If you’re looking for a private instructor to teach you French, Thomas is the best.
You will love your lessons so much that you will only be talking about them for a while.
A bientot! »

Leela L.
(as seen on Yelp New York)